Valley View Farm nestles in a beautiful north Bedfordshire Valley overlooking the River Great Ouse. For over fifty years our herd of Friesian Holstein dairy cattle have been producing a rich and creamy milk from its lush pastures that are shared with our flock of French and Dutch Milk sheep.

The flock spend the winter months sheltering from the harsh weather in purpose built sheds where lambing occurs in February and March. With the arrival of spring and the help of ‘Toad’ the farm sheepdog the flock are turned out to graze on the sweet new grass and milking continues through into the autumn.

The delicious milk, which is prized for its numerous health benefits, is available directly from our farm or from numerous local outlets. Our own dairy also makes it into delicious yogurt and cheese which can again be bought locally or directly from the farm.

Dairy cows lactate for around 300 days a year whereas dairy ewes only lactate for around 180 so sheep milk, cheese and yoghurt are essentially seasonal products.

About Steve

Having spent all my working life on the farm, my passion for farming livestock extends itself to dairy cow and dairy sheep and the day to day running of the farm. Doing all this well never feels like a job, but doing it well gives us the best quality products and happy contented animals.

About Bev

I originally come from a farming background, but my working career took a very different direction. In 1985 I joined the aviation world and have spent the last 32 years working in this field.

For the past seven years I have assisted Steve in the day to day running of the farm, but now I have finally given up my wings for the love of farming and returned to my roots on a full-time basis.


Sheep milk is naturally low in lactose and can be enjoyed without modification, and that’s not all. Sheep milk has a crisp clear taste, (the ideal alternative for people who are intolerant to cow and goats milk).

You can find Bevistan Dairy cheese, milk, yogurt and ice cream at the list of stockists or for mail order or private delivery call 01234 818150 or email info@bevistandairy.co.uk for all enquiries.