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Bevistan Dairy Sheep Milk

Our pasturised traditional, creamy and delicious milk, can be drunk or used for cooking in exactly the same way as cows milk. The simple and safe way to enjoy all the benefits of milk, but suitable for those who are intolerant to cow and goat milk.

Available in 600 ml and 1000 ml bottles, fresh or frozen.

600 ml
1 L

Bevistan Dairy Handmade Yogurt

A Greek style yogurt with a clean and refreshing taste and makes a fantastic breakfast, dessert or add seasoning for a dressing or dip.

Available in 1kg, 500g e and 200g e.

Bevistan Dairy Sheep Cheese

Carlton Sheep Cheese is a young fresh semi soft pasteurised cheese made with vegetarian rennet. It is close in texture and has a sweetness from the milk which compliments the citrus flavour.

Bevistan Smoked Cheese is a young semi soft pasteurised cheese made with vegetarian rennet. It is lightly smoked using Applewood allowing the citrus undertones still to shine through.

Bevistan Tomme a true farmhouse cheese, it is pasteurised and made with vegetarian rennet. The Tomme is matured for twelve weeks creating a natural rind, and has a slightly musty smell to the nose and is rustic in appearance. A nutty flavour with hints of mushroom undertones.

Bevistan Blue an raw/unpasteurised sheep cheese made with our milk by Gary Bradshaw from Hamm Tun Fine Foods. He uses vegetarian rennet in line with our other cheeses and a select mixture of different strains of penicillium Roquforti. The cheese is aged for approximately six weeks until it reaches the desired strength and ready to eat. The cheese is deliciously sweet and creamy when young and  develops with age to a sharper piquant flavour similar to that of Roquefort.

Bevistan Dairy Ice Cream

Our ice cream is made from our sheep milk and our sheep milk cream, it is very creamy and has a beautiful texture and has natural flavours.

Flavours: Strawberry, Salted Caramel, Mint Choc Chip, Simply Ewe, Lemon & Cardamom, Plain Chocolate.

Where to buy Bevistan Dairy Products

You can find Bevistan Dairy cheese, milk, yogurt and ice cream at:

Jo’s Loaves
Carlton Village Shop
Franklins Farm Shop
Bedford Cheese Company
Decant Wine Bar

Little Shop Of Cheese
The Deli @ Harvest
Buckingham Garden Centre
Local Market MK

Frank’s Farm Shop
Arjuna Wholefoods
Derby Stores
Shelford Delicatessen

Fairhaven Wholefoods
P E Mead & Sons Farmshop
Artisan Cheese

Pastures Poultry Farm Shop
The Deli Castle Ashby

Fisher & Woods

High Weald Dairy


We also take mail orders, please email info@bevistandairy.co.uk or call 01234 818150 for all enquiries.


Regular Monthly Markets

First Saturday of the month - Parliament Hill - London
First Sunday of the month   -  Olney - Bucks
Third Saturday of the month - West Hampstead - London
Third Sunday of the month   - Woburn Market

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You can find Bevistan Dairy cheese, milk, yogurt and ice cream at the list of stockists or for mail order or private delivery call 01234 818150 or email info@bevistandairy.co.uk for all enquiries.